Which projects can be eligible for Prince Talal International Prize?
The eligible projects for Prince Talal International Prize are the development projects that are implemented in the developing countries to achieve all or some of the targets of the sustainable development goal set as as subject of the Prize.
Is it permissible for an entity to nominate or recommend its own project or projects in the implementation of which it has participated?
No, it is not permissible, the nomination shall be made by a third party, who is not involved in the implementation.
Is it permissible for a party to nominate a project for the category it wants?
No, each of the four categories of the Prize is dedicated to projects implemented by specific type of implementors:
  • 1st Category for projects by UN organizations, international and regional NGOs.
  • 2nd Category for Projects of national NGOs.
  • 3rd Category for projects by government agencies and social business institutions.
  • 4th Category for projects by individual.
AGFUND requests official letters of (nomination / recommendation) from acceptable sources, what does AGFUND mean by acceptable sources?
Nomination and recommendation letters should be submitted on official papers, stamped and signed by the nominating and the recommending bodies. Acceptable entity could be an international, regional or national NGO, civil society, scientific or academic institution, research center, trade union, ministry or an expert in the field).
How to submit the letters of nomination / recommendation?
These should be sent by the to the owner of the project to upload them when filling out the online nomination form.
Is it permissible to provide a letter of nomination and recommendation from the same entity?
No, the nominating entity should be other than the recommending one.
Is it permissible to nominate ongoing projects, some of its phases are still under implementation?
Yes, provided that, at least, one of its phases is completed and evaluated.
Is it permissible to nominate research or studies that have not been implemented for the Prize?
No, according to the criteria of the Prize, the projects eligible for the Prize are the completed and already evaluated ones.
Is it permissible to send via e-mail the documents that are too large to be uploaded with the ONLINE nomination form?
Yes, large documents can be sent by email to be merged by AGFUND with the relevant documents that were already sent online.
For the Third Category prize (government projects), how eligible are the projects in the implementation of which foreign partners are participated?
The eligible projects for the third category prize are the projects that were funded and implemented by pure national efforts, without the involvement of any international organizations or foreign Governments.