AGFUND announces the beginning of nomination for its International Prize in the field of food security

The Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) announced the start of nomination for AGFUND International Prize for Pioneering Human Development Projects 2012 in the field of “food security” and invited the UN, international and regional organizations, ministries and public institutions, NGOs, universities and research centers around the world to submit their nominations for the Prize, which worth US$ 500,000 allocated for the four categories of the Prize. The selection of food security as subject for AGFUND Prize marks AGFUND’s interest in encouraging food production activities with the aim of combating hunger and bridging the food gap faced by the poor communities in the developing countries. The Prize theme is subdivided as follows: First category: The role of international organizations in supporting the developing countries’ national policies and programs for a sustainable food security (For projects implemented by UN, international or regional organizations). Second category: NGOs-led efforts to developing the skills and capabilities of the poor for food security in the poor communities, (For projects implemented by national NGOs). Third category: Governmental efforts in adoption of pioneering programs, polices and best practices to achieve food security for the poor, (For projects by government ministries and public institutions). Fourth category: Individual-led efforts to integrate the poor and poor households in food security activities, (For projects initiated, sponsored and/or implemented by individuals). The deadline for receiving nominations is May 31, 2012. The eligible nominations are evaluated by qualified development experts specialized in the Prize subject, while the selection of winners is undertaken by the Prize Committee, after sufficient discussion of the evaluation results and reports. The Prize Committee is composed of a number of prominent international figures who represent the geographic regions of the world. The Prize is handed over in an annual ceremony attended by the representatives of the local and international organizations, development experts, diplomats and media representatives.

Publish date:  13 Feb 2012
Category:  Other