Prince Talal announces AGFUND donating $ 300 thousand in contribution to the campaign to eradicate Malaria in Africa

Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz, President of the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND), announced that the programme has donated a total amount of $ 300 thousand ( in three years )for the purpose of supporting the efforts exerted by the campaign for eradicating Malaria. It’s noteworthy that this disease leads to the death of 1400 people daily around the world majorly children and hinders the capacities of millions of those who are infected by it; additionally, Malaria negatively impacts the economy of a wide number of developing countries especially tropical African ones. AGFUND will provide support for the campaign The campaign mainly aims to provide the treatments and medicines necessary for fighting malaria in addition to enhancing the prevention programs and methods. In this regard, AGFUND cooperates with “Malaria No More” American association. This campaign targets eradicating malaria in seven African countries namely, Tanzania, Cameron, Chad, Sudan, Zambia, Senegal, South Sudan and Uganda. Supporting the efforts for eradicating epidemic diseases falls in line with AGFUND’s strategic objectives where it finances projects of primary health care and prevention from epidemic and fatal diseases. Additionally AGFUND also seeks to fight poverty and to develop the poor communities in the developing countries. It’s worth mentioning that “Malaria No More” association – activist in stopping death due to malaria – works to achieve its mission through the involvement of leaders, mobilizing public opinion, offering educational services, tools and prevention methods to families in Africa. Besides to AGFUND, a lot of other donating institutions contribute to supporting the efforts of “Malaria No More” association, including Bill Gates association and the Swiss group for producing medicine.

Publish date:  21 May 2013
Category:  Other