“AGFUND” microfinance provides job opportunities for Syrian refugees to enable them economically

The Board of Directors of the Arab Gulf Programme for Development “AGFUND” has held its seventh meeting in Riyadh (Wednesday, July 17, 2013). The meeting was chaired, on behalf of HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz (Chairman of AGFUND), by HE Yousef Bin Ibrahim Al-Bassam, Vice President, delegate of Saudi Arabia to the “AGFUND”, the Director General of the Saudi Fund for Development. The Council reviewed “AGFUND’s” work in process and achievements during the middle of this year, also reviewed the projects submitted for consideration to the possibility of funding, and after discussion adopted to support and funding 8 development projects. The Council approved the final accounts for the financial year 2012. Among the projects approved by the Board at its meeting project to employ the capabilities of microfinance to help Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and the internally displaced Syrian, by directing AGFUND” banks ” for the poor in these countries to provide small loans and micro enterprises for the poor who are able to work, enabling them economically by creating job opportunities , and alleviate the tragic situation in which they live. Beneficiaries can complete their work after the return to their home and the stability of the situation. The project is a qualitative step from “AGFUND” to provide a “developmental relief” takes enabling dimension, and configures the refugees for suitable return to their homes. The projects approved by the Council covered areas of combating poverty, child protection, and empowerment of women and open job opportunities for them, and strengthen the capacity of organizations and governmental and private institutions operating in the sector, women’s development, and to support efforts to build partnerships developmental effective between civil society organizations and government agencies .. The projects in entirety are for the benefit of UN, international, regional and NGOs, such as UNICEF, the International Training Center, microcredit Summit, ” AGFUND” Microfinance unit, Arab Women Center for Training and Research, Arab Council for Childhood and Development, Arab Network for NGOs.

Publish date:  18 Jun 2013
Category:  Board_meeting