Internal Auditor

Expiry date:  03 Oct 2022


Bachelor’s degree in accounting


Minimum 4 years experience 


1.     professional knowledge of the nature of work in Development organizations.

2.     Assists management in identifying and assessing AGFUND's risk areas and provides inputs for the preparation of the annual internal audit plan.

 Performs performance review procedures including the identification and definition of issues and topics, examination and analysis of evidence, and documentation of the processes and procedures of the units under review.

3.      Performs financial audit procedures for the accounts of income, expenditure, claims, assets, and rights of partners to ensure their correctness and compatibility with the approved regulations and manuals and submits the observations to the first internal auditor.

4.     High professional skills in communication, coordination, negotiation, and interaction with others.

5.     The ability to use a computer.

6.     Fluency in Arabic and English, and another foreign language is preferred.