Success Story


Mr. Ahmed

The story of the beneficiary of the National Microfinance Bank in Jordan Ahmed, one of the #AGFUND banks for financial inclusion.

After retiring from the army, Mr. Ahmed could not stop working and giving, so he worked as a driver in several private schools in Ajloun. During his tenure, he was able to obtain the necessary expertise to study the idea of establishing a private school in his area of residence. Due to his belief in his ability to succeed, Mr. Ahmed started his project with a small kindergarten, which he founded with funding from the National Microfinance Bank. After the project achieved tangible success in the region, he again resorted to the National Bank with the intention of developing the project into an elementary school, from the first grade to the third grade until “Shuaa Al-Haq Kindergarten and School” included the first through the sixth grades. Although the educational attainment of Mr. Ahmed did not go beyond secondary school, it was only an incentive that encouraged him to establish an educational edifice that became the first at the level of private schools in the Hashemite region-Ajloun. He still aspires to develop and improve the school to contain the largest number of classes and add recreational facilities and playground for students. The establishment of the school did not only have a positive impact on the region and students, but it also reflected on the life of Mr.Ahmed, who was able, through participating in some classes, to gain some knowledge in the fields of English language, arithmetic, and computer.