Success Story


Mrs. Khadija Al-Heishan

Mrs. Khadija Al-Heishan is an example of a fighting Bahraini woman who always seeks to improve her family’s living conditions. Khadija started from her childhood by drawing and fashion designing. Her dream was to start her own business, to which she can add her distinctive touches and designs. She started from home by designing fashion and abayas for her neighbors and acquaintances with a simple sewing machine. Then, she began to gain great fame in the region. She heard about Ebdaa Microfinance Bank and its role in financing home projects and supporting Bahraini women, so she applied for a loan of 1,000 dinars to purchase sewing supplies and fabrics. Her request was approved based on her distinguished project and good reputation in the region. After paying off the loan, she decided to expand her work and issue a commercial register with her name to reach the largest number of customers. Therefore, she obtained a license and applied for 3,000 dinars to buy some sewing machines that will help expedite the work, which in fact did.