Success Story


Mr. Qism Allah

I have been funded for agricultural inputs; seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers. I started with a funding of 3 thousand pounds through six financing cycles. The total financing amounted to 106 thousand pounds. I cultivated corn crops, wheat, and cotton and planted 8 acres of corn. The cost of the funding was 20 thousand pounds. I produced 115 sacks with a price of 1800 pounds per sack. I also sold canes for 50 thousand pounds. Besides, I planted 8 acres of wheat with a financing amount of 48,000 pounds and produced 120 sacks. The cost of financing was 17 sacks paid to the bank, with a price of 1850 pounds per sack. I planted 8 acres of cotton and produced 110 kantars for 3250 pounds each. Furthermore, I employed 14 workers in the business. Praise be to Allah; I bought a tractor and a car that I am working on. I practice Transhumance and, praise be to Allah; I am pleased.