AGFUND believes in the sustainability of human development and poverty alleviation and struggles to enable vulnerable groups (women and children, people with special needs, displaced people and refugees etc..) to exercise their civil rights in their communities and lead a dignified social and economic existence with improved living conditions.

AGFUND’s Mission

Through the implementation of its programs, AGFUND provides support to needy groups to help facilitate their full access to basic and fundamental social requirements, such as education and health care, under the umbrella of fair national and international legislations towards the prevailing of security and peace. AGFUND initiated effort to contribute without any discrimination to projects of human development, is done through the support of its Partners and is implemented, by the United Nations Development Organizations, by international and regional organizations, by governmental and NGO’s bodies all over the developing world.

AGFUND’s Objectives and Goals

Eradication of Poverty
To contribute to the reduction of misery and the eradication of poverty focusing on the support of vulnerable and disabled groups.
Enrich the Knowledge
To enrich the knowledge and enhance the skills of needy social segments and help them to meet requirements of the labor market and increasing their access to decent work opportunities.
Exercise the Rights
Providing the essential methods for the development of women and children, by giving them access to existing public services, and giving them the means to exercise their rights.
Encourage Innovation
To encourage innovation and modernization through the implementation of its programs. AGFUND provides support to vulnerable groups to facilitate their full access to basic and fundamental social needs, justified by national and international legislation in areas of human development. Especially the concerns related to vulnerable groups that were evacuated from their homes due to living circumstances similar to catastrophic natural conditions or war and security situation.
Pioneering Programs
To initiate pioneering programs that can serve as an example and a model in various areas of human development.