Prince Talal : ” Alamal “ Bank in Yemen has reached an Outstanding Achievement

04 May 2014
Financial Inclusion
HRH Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz  Al Saud, President of the Arab Gulf Programme for development (AGFUND) praised on the achievements and successes of Amal microfinance Bank in Yemen.Noting that, despite the success of the banks for the poor chain created by AGFUND in the region however, the experience of Alamal microfinance Bank in Yemen is outstanding. Having a look at the report of the Bank, Prince Talal said that the difficult circumstances being experienced by Yemen did not stop the rally, but managed to achieve unprecedented successes and achievements at the regional and international levels. Prince Talal, also said: the diversity of financial services ,bank products , aspects of innovation and quality of service, all contributed and added values to the microfinance industry in the regional and international levels. It is worth mentioning that Aalmal has won many international and regional awards.

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