For the first time in the Microfinance Sector Al-Amal Microfinance Bank Launches Mobile Banking service

05 Dec 2012
Financial Inclusion
Within the frame of clear and new vision of AL-Amal Microfinance Bank to achieve sustainable development in Yemen and also building on its great and active participation to reach larger number of the targeted groups in rural and urban areas, Al-Amal Microfinance Bank launched the Mobile Banking in partnership with the community Livelihood project (CLP) funded by the USAID. The Mobile Banking system will contribute  directly to serve the targeted groups. Al-Amal Bank and throughout this service will be able to introduce and deliver services to a large and extended segments in the society that never reached before with any financial institution. The Mobile Banking services will be introduced to clients but not limited to financing the small projects in rural areas but The service also will be covered Paying installments where they live, Savings, Internal and external remittances, payments the telephone, electricity and water bills and keeping updating with their accounts balances and due date of their installments, All services will be delivered to clients either via their own mobiles or via the agents that the bank will contract with in the area  of services concerned.Through this service the bank will aim to expand its financial services for the areas excluded from the financial services and also to overcome scattering obstacles that Yemen is facing. AL-Amal Bank is also planning to reach larger numbers of savers and borrowers. In addition to that the bank will offer the financial services with high efficiency and low cost and make it available for all people to access. By launching this service the bank achieved a great success to use the technology for achieving its goals and increase the different activities, this service will contribute to improve conditions of poor families in rural areas on both levels economically and socially, by the end it will contribute to achieve sustainable development in Yemen in general.

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