Alwatani Launched Branch 14

02 Mar 2014
Financial Inclusion
The Bank’s Chairman Reem Badran affirmed through her sponsorship of the opening ceremony, that the bank, which was founded in 2005, has an ambitious plan to reach the largest segment of the citizens who target its services in various regions of the Kingdom to contribute to the development of local communities. Ms.Badran showed in the presence of the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives MP Mohamed Saudi and former MP AbdulRahman Alhanaqth, that the branches of the National Microfinance will contribute to make the national strategy of poverty elimination and unemployment reduction successful by increasing the productivity of small-scale entrepreneurs in Jordan, especially women, and improving their standard of living through the provision of sustainable financial services, directly or indirectly, to meet the needs of that category. “The National microfinance Bank seeks to provide inclusive financial services that enable customers to start their projects for improving their standard of living, in addition to a range of other services that will enable them to obtain greater opportunities to market their products and supply them with the needed training skills to manage their business.” She Added. She pointed out that the National microfinance Bank which was established with the support of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, is giving women special attention with its’ belief in empowering women to play a role in building the nation’s procession, with stressing on the need of finding the appropriate legislation for institutions that operate in the field of micro-finance. Mr. Saudi pointed to the need of supporting small projects that are generating income through the provision of banking facilities, pointing to the size of the poverty and unemployment that Tafila city, and Al-Baseera and Al-Hasa sub-districts are experiencing. This requires finding projects that contribute to the reduction of these problems. The Deputy Governor Abdul Tafila AlFenattseh assured the banks’ role in establishing a state of economic mobility in Tafila and working to create small projects that will reduce poverty and provide jobs for the unemployed people. On the sidelines of the opening some of Tafila clients showed their experience with Alwatani and how they got loans for developing their businesses with concessional terms and within a short time comparing with the other alternatives.

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