AGFUND organizes the “pioneering projects Forum” to strengthen the relation with the winners of its international award

16 Feb 2013
The Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) organizes a developmental forum in the Philippine capital, Manila within the framework of AGFUND international prize award ceremony which is sponsored by the president of AGFUND, HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz. “AGFUND Forum for pioneering projects” is scheduled to be held on February 26, 2013 with the participation of AGFUND’s members of the board, prize committee members, responsible of the winning projects for the past years, arbitrators of the nominated projects and a number of developmental experts. The forum aims to open new channels of cooperation between AGFUND and the award winners and also between the winners themselves in a manner that turns this forum into an opportunity to enhance the developmental experience and knowledge. The forum aims to form “the group of AGFUND award winners” for exchanging assistance and technical experiences via establishing a developmental virtual network between the winners. Similarly, “AGFUND Forum for pioneering projects” aims to create innovative methods for attracting new developmental partnerships. During the forum the responsible for the winning projects shall perform some presentations to demonstrate the positive impacts that were reflected upon their projects after winning the award. Likewise, the prize arbitrators shall present their notes regarding the prize practices and the method of improving it in terms of quantity and quality. It is expected that the forum shall reach some practical recommendations in the sense of visualizing a concept of how to gain the maximum benefits out of the winning projects in an attempt to generalize the successful experiences and support its expansion and sustainability.It is also expected that the forum shall come out with practical recommendations about the method of enhancing and expanding the prize scope in order to attract new partners and provide a wide range of diversified experiences. AGFUND believes that the mutual knowledge between the winners and the other participants shall help in dictating the way to build strong relations between AGFUND, the winners and the new partners. It’s worth mentioning that the award ceremony of AGFUND international prize shall be held in Manila on the 27th of the current month in the presence of representatives of the winning bodies and a number of international figures who are interested, specialized and expertized in the programme work field. The ceremony shall also witness the participation of a number of development partners, representatives of the different organizations, media figures and leaders of the civil society. The purpose of this award ceremony is honoring the winning developmental projects in the fields of developing the rural and remote societies – through the IT and communication – and empowering youth through the initiatives and employment opportunities. Moreover, the prize committee shall hold its meeting in Manila to announce the 2012 winning projects in the field of fighting poverty.

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