AGFUND conducts qualitative assessment to the impact of its developmental prize on the beneficiaries

19 Nov 2012
Arab Gulf programme for development (AGFUND) has declared formation of a group to monitor and evaluate the impact of its International Prize for pioneering developmental projects on the winning projects and beneficiaries. The Group of experts and specialists will visit 4 countries , India, Egypt, Bangladesh &, Zimbabwe, to stand on the ground on the winning projects, and see the changes that have taken place after winning the prize, and the benefits to the target groups of these projects. The Italian — American development expert, Eric alyamandu participates AGFUND evaluation group. This step is based on the recommendations of Agfund Prize Committee held in Istanbul ( Turkey on 14 October 2009, ), as well as in the light of the recommendations of the workshop held for this purpose (to evaluate the impact of the prize winning projects ) The Islamic Development Bank to contribute to the financing of the evaluation, in a move that reflects the fruitful cooperation between AGFUND and the Islamic Bank Findings of the monitoring and the results of the evaluation will be submitted to AGFUND Prize Committee , chaired by Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz, and comprises a number of prominent development figures representing the regions of the world. The results will serve as indicators for the achievement of the objectives of the Prize, Specially transferring and disseminating of successful experiences, highlighting development issues, and supporting the winning projects to develop , expand and help beneficiaries. It should be noted that AGFUND Prize for pioneering developmental projects was founded in 1999, and during this period 1009 projects were nominated from 130 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, 42 projects declared wining the Prize. The Topics of the Prize covered 25 subjects In various development issues and their respective fields (19.nov.2012).

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